Tuesday to Sunday  5-8 pm  (closed Mondays)

Lunches available from 11-2  Thursdays and Fridays

Please note items with an * are generally unavailable over lunches


Corn Chips house salsa gf df  9

Corn Chips guacamole gf df  13.9

Street Corn* df gf   8.9

   brushed with an adobo ‘butter’, sprinkle of smokey cheddar, lime 

Jalapeño Poppers gf  (set of 2)   15

    stuffed with our house cheese mix, lightly battered, fried, white baja sauce

Chicken Wings df gf   12

    ancho glaze (very mild) or mango glaze (medium)

Calamari gf df  14

   citrus marinade, mexi spice, chipotle mayo

   add salad 4  add fries 4


TACOS 10 each / 2 for 19  / 3 for 28

(all GF, authentic local organic corn tortillas, coriander, fresh lime)

Roasted Cauliflower, re-fried beans, slaw, adobo cashew cream (vegan)

Fish of the day, slaw, chipotle mayo, beer battered fish* (gf), mango salsa  (*may contain some small bones) (df)

Adobo Chicken, lettuce, chipotle mayo, corn salsa (df)

Slow Cooked Beef, adobo cashew cream, slaw, smokey cheddar, white baja sauce, pickled onion


QUESADILLA 17.50 (Spice it up with habanero salsa inside +3)

A 12 inch flour tortillas melted together with cheese and onion, served with salad.

Add Mushrooms 4.00  Add Chicken or Beef 5.00

NACHOS 25.50 gf dfo vo

Corn Chips, your choice of meat plus beans, queso, pico de gallo, topped with sour cream and guacamole.

BURRITOS 23.50  add fries or salad 4.00  (Spice it up with habanero salsa inside +3)

A Large Hot Flour Tortilla filled with your choice of chicken, beef or mushrooms,  plus beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, white baja sauce and lettuce.

BURRITO BOWL  23.50  add extra corn chips 3.00 gf

Your choice of chicken, beef or mushrooms with beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and salad with a corn chip sprinkle.

VEGAN BURRITO 23.50  add fries or salad 4.00  (Spice it up with habanero salsa inside +3)

A Large Hot Flour Tortilla filled with rice, beans, vegan cheese, adobo cashew cream and lettuce.

ENCHILADAS  27.50*  (Spice it up with habanero salsa inside +3)

Two 7 inch corn tortillas rolled with filling, topped with ranchero sauce and baked. Served with rice, beans and salad. gf dfo

Chicken / Beef / Cheese, Onion, Mushrooms

CHILLI CON CARNE 22.50 gf  dfo

Bowl of chilli, spices, beef mince, tomato, beans, rice.  Optional melted cheese on top and served with corn chips and sour cream. gf  dfo

BBQ PORK RIBS*  31.00 gf df

Slow cooked bbq pork ribs in our house ancho glaze and your choice of two sides: corn, beans, rice, salad or fries.


   Lightly salted, tomato sauce  9

   Mexican spice, chipotle mayo  11



Sour cream 2.5 / Guacamole 3 / Pico de gallo 3

Beans / Rice / Salad / Corn 4.5    Corn chips 6    

Sliced Jalapeños 2 / Hot Habanero Salsa 3.0  


POSTRES (Desserts)

Hot Apple Empanada*  10

   with vanilla bean gelato

Chocolate Mousse  15

    with a honeycomb crumble gfo

Churros  15

   with a chocolate dipping sauce



Kids Menu (available 5-8pm Tuesdays to Sundays)

Guacamole, corn chips    9

One large Cheese Quesadilla (flour tortilla)  10

     add chicken or beef   3    add buttered corn   3                           

Two Tacos, side of lettuce, buttered corn, corn chips  14

            Beef and Cheese

            Chicken and Cheese

            Cheese and Guacamole

Nachos Plate                                                                                     

            Beef and Cheese  13

            Chicken and Cheese   13

            Cheese and Guacamole 13

            Cheese only  10

tomato sauce 1  sour cream 2  guacamole 3  corn 3

vegan cheese 2.5

Kids Juice (apple, cranberry, pineapple, orange)  3

Kids Soft Drink (coke, coke zero, sprite, ginger beer)   3



Scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce  6

Please see the main menu for more options, all kid friendly 

Take Away Menu

Exactly the same as our full food menu. 

(Alcohol not available for takeaway.)

Drinks Menu


Damasco and Ginger Spritz   21

(Vodka, Pinot Grigio, Apricot Brandy, Ginger)

Veranito   22

(Dark Rum, Falernum, Amaro Averna, Passionfruit, Lime)

Davidson Sour   23

(Davidson Plum Puree, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Amaretto, Lemon)

Carnaval  21

(Cachaça, Coconut infused tequila, Cucumber, Chili, Agave)

Puerto Escondido  22

(House Infused Pineapple Mezcal, Fernet Branca, Coconut)

Matatlan Old Fashioned  22

(House Infused Rosemary Mezcal, Reposado Tequila, Amaro Montenegro, Agave, Grapefruit Bitters)                                            


MARGARITAS (served in a rocks glass, unless otherwise requested)

Classic Margarita   21

(Tequila, Triple Sec, Agave, Lime)

Tommy’s Margarita   20

(Tequila Reposado, Agave, Lime)                     

Coconut Margarita   20

(Tequila, coconut syrup, lime)  

Spicy Margarita   20

 (Tequila, Agave, Lime, Jalapeño)      

Davidson Plum Margarita  23

(Tequila, Triple Sec, Agave, Davidson Plum, Lime)                        

Mezcal Margarita  21

(Mezcal, Agave, Lime)

LOW ABV COCKTAILS (one standard drink)

Strawberry Fields  18

(Husk Sloe and Berry Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Strawberry, Chocolate)

I Drive Mojito 17

(Malibu, Mint, Lime, Coconut)

Half A Margie 17

(Tequila, Lime, Raspberries, Basil, Agave)

Guava Fizz  18

(Sloe Gin, Guava Nectar, Orgeat, Proseco)


Coco Picante (Fresh Jalapeño, Coconut, Lime, Soda) 14

Fruta de la Pasion (Passionfruit, Lime, Mint, Soda) 13

El David (Davidson Plum, Lemon, Soda)  14



CocaCola / Coke Zero / Sprite / Ginger Beer / Tonic 5



Pineapple / Orange / Cranberry / Orange 5


Young Henrys Cloudy Cider 4.6%  12

Little Dragon Ginger Beer 4%  11

Common People Protesters IPA 6.2% (brewed in Bangalow)  13

Stone and Wood Pacific Ale 4.4%  12

Stone and Wood Jasper Red Ale 5.4% 12

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA 0.5% 9

Balter Captain Sensible 3.5%   12

Tecate 4.5%  9

Wandana Aztec Chocolate Lager 4.4%  12


Rivanni Prosecco (Veneto, IT)  12/63

GH Mumm Marlborough Rose (Marlborough, NZ)  85

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne (Champagne, FR)   110


Clairault Sauv. Blanc/Semillon 21/22 (Margaret River, WA) 12/45

Paparazzi Pinot Gris 23 (King Valley, VIC)  12/50

Credaro Kinship Chardonnay 22 (Margaret River, WA) 15/68

The Finch Chardonnay Atticus Wines 18 (Margaret River, WA)   75

Monte Tondo Soave Mito DOC 21 (Veneto, IT)  65

Ferrum Albariño 21 (Rias Baixas, Sp)  60

Rameau d’or Petit Amour Rose 21 (IGP Mediterranée, FR) 14/70

Les Carabelles Rose 21 (Cotes de Provence, FR)  65


Cape Margaret Cab. Sauvignon 21 (Margaret River, WA)  13/60

The Pawn ‘El Desperado’ Pinot Noir 22 (Adelaide Hills, SA) 14/65

Hey Diddle Bonvedro 21 (Barossa Valley, SA) 14/65

Bass Line Shiraz 21 (Barossa Valley, SA)  13/55

Calmel et Joseph Villa Blanche Malbec 20 (Langurdoc, FR)  65

Schwarz Grower Grenache 21 (Barossa, SA)  70

Abtole Rioja Reserva 16 (Rioja, SP)  65

Wooing Tree Beetlejuice Pinot Noir 19 (Cental Otago, NZ)  85

All menus are subject to change


Hours of Operation

11-2 Thursday & Friday

5-8pm Tuesday to Sunday

(Happy Hour 5-6pm)

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